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In Kings' Kids International College, daily activities for the day commence at 7:30 a.m with the Morning Assembly and end before 8:00, except on Tuesdays when there is morning games/physical fitness from 7:30 exercises. Academic activities (teaching and learning) then commence from 8:00 a.m and end at 2:05 p.m (without the extra-mural lessons) or 4:05 (if the extra-mutal lessons are held) And so the extra-murals are from 2:05 and to 4:05 pm).

School Activities

Daily School Activities

  • Morning Assembly
  • Regular Classes
  • Break time/recreational

Weekly School Activities

  • Club Meetings
  • School Group Fellowship
  • Bible Teaching/Prayer Meeting
  • Sports/Games
  • Staff Briefing (also as need arises)

Termly School Activities

  • Staff Retreat
  • Staff Meeting
  • School Outreach
  • Board Inspection / supervision

Monthly School Activities

  • Staff Prayer Meeting
  • Board Meeting
  • Management Meeting

Annual School Activities

  • Graduation and prize-giving Ceremony
  • Open Day Programme
  • Orientation of New Students.
  • Career Day
  • PTA Meeting (also bi-termly)

Science Laboratory Practicals

King’s Kids International College has a well-equipped science laboratory. The students go there on a regular basis for their science practical sessions.

Career Day

A day set aside for educating and exposing students on the various careers available for them to choose from in the future. Professional from different areas of specializations are invited to speak to the students and sensitize them.

Open Day

This is one academic programme normally held in the College involving teachers, parents/guardians and of course, the students. Open Day programme is an avenue whereby parents/guardians visit the School to see by themselves, how their children/wards are doing in their academics and behavior/conducts. They are given the opportunity of going through all the books and other available materials oftheir children/wards.


The students are from time to time, taken out on excursion to enable them get exposed to the real world of professional practices and environments in line with their subject areas. The also have fun in sight-seeing during excursion.

Orientation of New Students

This is held annually to enlighten andeducate new studentson that they need to know as students in the College, which include the various aspects of their academicsas students in the School,their responsibilities,the Schools' rules and regulations, andother necessary aspects.

Academic Competitions – Intra and Inter-School

King's Kids International College regurlaly organise academic competitions for its students which are held during general Club Meetings. They alsodo not hesitate to seize every opportunity of participating in inter-school competitions both within and outside Ngwo. The College has emerged victorious severaly as the best participating School in such competitions in both Ngwoand Enugu State asa whole.

Extra- Curricular (Non-Academic) Activities and Their Schedules

  • Tuesday Morning Games - from 7:30 - 8:15
  • Wednsday Bible Teaching - from 10:55 - 11:30 a.m on Wednesday
  • Thursday Scripture Union School Group Fellowship 2:00 - 3:00 (if Extra-Mural lessons are to come after) or 2:15 - 4:0 (if the Extra-Murals will not come after)
  • Friday Club Meeting 10:55 - 11:30 a.m

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